Prepare For Your Arrival Dubai

Soon you’ll be on campus in Dubai. Before you arrive, complete the steps below to avoid common issues or delays for international students.

Welcome to Heriot-Watt University Dubai

Congratulations and welcome to Heriot-Watt University! Before you arrive, complete the steps below to avoid common issues and delays for international students. If you have any questions, contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

Complete Your Pre-Arrival Checklist

We have a team of dedicated personal advisors who make sure that all your questions are answered and ensure that you have a smooth transition to the university.

Before you start on any of the steps, contact your local personal advisor. Simply select your region of the world below, and send your advisor an email, Skype, WhatsApp, or WeChat message. We look forward to meeting you very soon!





Latin America

Latin America

Middle East

Middle East

North America

North America

North Asia

North Asia

Russia / Central Asia / Eastern Europe

Russia / Central Asia / Eastern Europe

South Asia

South Asia

Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia

UK and Western Europe

UK and Western Europe


Abbie (North Asia excluding Korea)

+852 8481 0532

Whatsapp: +852 8481 0532

Email Abbie
Ainara Gainedenova

Ainara Gainedenova

+7 (778) 887 17 53

Whatsapp: +7 (778) 887 17 53

Email Ainara Gainedenova

Ajith (India)


Whatsapp: +91-971-722-2408

Skype: ajitks10

Email Ajith

Alexis (North America)

+1 239-744-9468

Whatsapp: +1 239-744-9468

Wechat: alexis0426

Email Alexis

Alice (Northwest)


Whatsapp: +1-857-315-8730

Wechat: aliceqinus

Email Alice
Alsu Samatova

Alsu Samatova

+7 939 346 09 59

Whatsapp: +7 939 346 09 59

Email Alsu Samatova

Bibiane (Korea)


Whatsapp: +82-10-7711-6538

Email Bibiane

Carol (North Asia excluding Korea)

+852 6745 3906

Whatsapp: +852 6745 3906

Email Carol

Chau (Vietnam)


Whatsapp: +84-908-792-892

Skype: diemchau.dt

Email Chau

Chris (Southwest)


Whatsapp: +1-508-948-7542

Wechat: chris040594

Email Chris

Daniyal (Pakistan)

+92 310 588 8648

Whatsapp: +92 310 588 8648

Email Daniyal

Doris (South China)


QQ: 2282183545

Email Doris

Isha (India)

+91 9953550789

Whatsapp: +91 9953550789

Email Isha

Jane (West China)


QQ: 713070180

Email Jane

Laxmi (India)

+91 98183 96406

Whatsapp: +91 98183 96406

Email Laxmi

Lisha (North China)


QQ: 18310168200

Email Lisha

Nikita (India)

+91 9310587075

Whatsapp: +91 9310587075

Email Nikita

Rakesh (India)

+91 9096507300

Whatsapp: +91 9096507300

Email Rakesh

Sahil (India)

+91- 9811718710

Whatsapp: +91- 9811718710

Email Sahil

Sakshi (India)


Whatsapp: +91-995-351-0160

Skype: arorasakshi187

Email Sakshi

Samah (Middle East)

+971 58 831 8521

Whatsapp: +971 58 831 8521

Email Samah

Sanjukta (North America)


Whatsapp: +91-9820162776

Email Sanjukta



Whatsapp: +66-96-982-0007

Skype: awesome.saranya

Email Saranya

Sofya (North America)

+1 347 399 35 72

Whatsapp: +1 347 399 35 72

Email Sofya
Solayide Adenuga

Solayide Adenuga (Africa)


Whatsapp: +234.806.662.9088

Email Solayide Adenuga

Taha (Pakistan)


Whatsapp: +92-307-333-6878

Skype: tshahid29

Email Taha

Valeria (Latin America)

+57 310 7880364

Whatsapp: +57 310 7880364

Email Valeria

Vicky (North China)


Wechat: vickychen7910

Email Vicky

Viraja (South & West India)

+91 7028090894

Whatsapp: +91 7028090894

Skype: +91 7028090894

Email Viraja

If you haven’t already, be sure to complete your application for a student visa.

To secure your accommodation and plan your arrival, please visit the Heriot-Watt University Dubai website:

For all application and payment deadlines, as well as move-in and program start dates, please visit our Important Dates page. Please note that late arrivals are not allowed for the Advanced Direct Entry Program. Students must arrive by the program start date. We look forward to meeting you in person!

Haven’t booked your travel arrangements yet? Check out our exclusive discounts for student flights and read about city transport options.

Making your payment in full four weeks before you arrive will help avoid delays with enrollment.

Flywire by Peer Transfer: Please visit the Heriot-Watt University Dubai flywire portal to complete the transfer process. Please note that you cannot use a US credit card or US bank account.

  • Enrollment is the process of formally joining the university and becoming a Heriot-Watt student. You agree to abide by the rules of the university and to pay any fees, and we ask you to confirm that we have your correct details.
  • To complete enrollment, you are required to log in to university Student Portal, myHWU Student Portal, using your HW username. Please follow the steps below to set up your username/password.
  • You will need your Heriot Watt username to set up your password. By clicking on the link to set up your password, you accept the university’s IT and Communications Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Set up your password. (Note: see the guidance on creating a password.)
  • You are then required to set up Multi-Factor Authentication. You may have used a similar system to access online banking or a personal email account.
  • Please proceed to complete enrollment via myHWU Student Portal, Academic Record & Self Service tile.
  • Enrolling online involves checking and updating your personal details, checking your program and fees, and agreeing to our terms and conditions.
  • You must also upload a photograph for your student identity card. This should be a clearly identifiable passport-style photograph.
  • You can visit the IT Essentials webpage to find out what is available to you.
  • Please refer to the HWU Student Account Guide for more details.

To login to Heriot-Watt online services you will need to use your Heriot-Watt username and the password you create.

Please note you can only enroll online once you have an unconditional offer.

  • You may access your class timetable once you have performed your enrollment.

Please take note of the following:

  • For tutorial classes, you will be notified on your tutorial grouping either via email or by your lecturer during the first week of your classes.
  • Please refer to the Timetable Guide and the Timetable website for more details.

Induction takes place during Welcome Week. Induction is an organized program of welcome and introductory activities you will participate in as a new student joining a particular program of study. Once you enroll, you will have access to the induction site for your subject on Canvas, our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) (see below). You need to make sure you participate in all of your induction program.
Induction is your opportunity to –

  • Meet your lecturers
  • Find out about the program
  • Find out about the resources and support available to you for study
  • Ask any questions
  • Meet the students you will be studying with

After you enroll, you log in and go to your subject induction site on Canvas where you will find details of your induction program including times, venues, and activities. Your induction site will also give you access to a range of resources and information about the university and your program.
Click on your school below to find your induction schedule –

Degree Entry Program
School of Energy, Geoscience Infrastructure and Society

School of Engineering and Physical Sciences

School of Mathematics and Computer Sciences

School of Social Sciences

School of Textile and Design

Share your travel plans with us so we can prepare for your arrival! Please note students should seek their own transportation from the airport to their accommodations.

Read more about banking, grocery shopping, leisure, and more on Heriot-Watt’s website.

Important Dates

Application Deadline

August 19, 2024

Payment Deadline

August 17, 2024

Move-in Date:

August 31, 2024

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